A Playlist Hopefully to Last


On this trip I was debating on what I should bring to listen to... I didn't want certain genres of music that would remind me too much of the people I left behind but on the other hand I wanted something that I knew and that I was positive I wouldn't get sick of. Which is why I loaded my dads old 1st generation Ipod with "String Quartet Tributes" to some well known songs. There was something inviting and comforting listening to in on the train from Firenze S. M. Novella to Poggibonsi-S. Gimignano and enjoying the view of the Tuscany Countryside in Italy out of my window

I will leave some of my favorites here with you;

Sixteen years and countless records later, that simple formula has become the blueprint for Vitamin String Quartet, widely regarded as the source for innovative string renditions of popular music.
— Vitamin String Quartet