Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Amelia Blasio is a 21-year-old artist studying Cinematic Arts at Columbus College of Art and Design. Growing up with parents working in creative fields she was introduced to the art world at a young age. Her family gifted her a DSLR and SLR at the age of 18 and she has shot countless rolls of film since.

She has shot countless rolls of film since… while simultaneously shooting digital and falling head over heels with the magic of filmmaking.

Her work shows an interest in the documentation of those close to her and her experiences. Shown through a snapshot style with the look and feel of editorial influence through composition and color. This has snowballed into working with other creatives on an array of projects in and outside of her field of lens based media.


Resume (contact for access)


photo by  Hana Mendel , Detroit January, 2019

photo by Hana Mendel, Detroit January, 2019