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Sharp Television, HDMI to Composite Converter Adapter, HDMI to HDMI cord, Fujifilm XT2, Canon 5D, Macbook Pro


Have the audience watch the screen within a screen taking the viewer back to the years 2000 to 2005. They will be watching my childhood along with brief cuts to clips of some monumental events within those years in the world mainly focusing in the states.


I first started with what friends or people I knew were making and sharing online when it came to old tapes or even more specifically old tapes of their childhood. There is something so interesting on what someone and their surroundings looked like as they were growing up before you met them. Being part of the Generation Z I have always had a fascination with the quality and visual effect of clips shot on older filming devices. Below are childhood clips and edits (in order) from Maddy Van Buren, Abby Macdowell (her father as a child), and Jason Annas. (courtesy of Vimeo and Instagram)

I then started researching the clips of the world events that I was going to use between the changing of years in the video.


First thing was to get the right Video Hi8 tapes that my Grandpa had been storing in his basement transferred to DVDs. I focused on ones that had my birthday written on the tapes from when I turned the ages of three up to seven.


The tapes were dropped off at a video transfer service shop and returned as DVDs a few days later. Then I changed the .VOB files to .MOV in the Adobe Media Encoder application. I sorted through the 6-7 hours of old footage of my childhood.

Then editing together those clips for the final video along with some extreme and newsworthy footage that was happening in the world at the time.

Trying to figure out how I was going to display the clips on an older television was difficult. I was debating on trying to figure out how to burn a DVD of the initial video that I put together and connect the TV to a DVD Player. I then realized that if I could find a way to skip the disk burning session all together and get the video to go straight from the computer to television it would make things easier and quicker time wise as well as. I bought an HDMI to Composite Converter Adapter as well as a HDMI to HDMI cord that could connect the TV to the computer. Also a side note is that I found the TV for only 8 dollars at Ohio Thrift.


I wanted to explain the point I was getting across through my editing and timing of the clips I used. The video starts with my Grandpas footage in the year 2000 in North Carolina which was a trip we went on for my third birthday. The large waves are crashing and it looks like a storm is coming. I used the audio in that first initial clip to end the video in the found footage from Hurricane Katrina that is used before the picture cuts to credits. The found footage is brief and sparse because at the time I was so young and what I can only remember was short snippets of the news or conversation on what was happening in the outside world of my small suburb in Detroit Michigan. A screen (the TV) is crucial because that is the only way one can ever return to those years so I wanted to make it as authentic as possible. The other reason for the TV is because as I said it was the only form of media I had to see what was happening in the outside world during those years. The found news footage becomes a little bit more prominent later as the video goes on but it never overtakes the childhood footage because I was still at the time only seven when the video ends and my knowledge on those large events was still close to none.